Wedding is like spring, that is always able to surprise us with the beauty, colours and scents of nature.
What makes wedding receptions unique is their exclusive atmosphere. Locanda I Girasoli, that is idyllically set just in the heart of an enchanting oasis of colours and scents, gives guests the possibility to arrange the most important day of their life in a perfect way, and to spend unforgettable moments together with their family and friends while having exquisite lunches or dinners or sipping tasty cocktails.

Wedding is the most important day in the life of many people. This is the main reason why people plan it carefully in advance, and think about every detail, from the choice of the perfect partner to rely on up to the careful planning of every single phase.
Our great professionalism and expertise lead us to maintain a balanced view of every wedding reception: We operate as a fair and reliable partner, and are always available to provide advice and offer elegant solutions that are able to suit even guests’ most demanding requirements.

Rely on our company to arrange the most important day of your life, and spend unforgettable moments together with your family and friends!


“The best day of your life deserves exceptional solutions.”

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